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Site Rules

Post by Keiara Amagear on Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:36 pm


  1. Respect. Hands down the most important rule. You will not be forced to be buddies with everyone in the group. You will be forced to treat everyone fairly and with respect out of character. Do not go around starting drama out of character.
  2. Double check your spelling, grammar, and html before you post. No one is expecting perfection, and we understand that spelling, grammar, and code are not everyone's strong suit. Regardless, before you hit send, hit preview. Read over your post and make sure everything is in order. If you missed something feel free to edit.
  3. Please keep swearing to a minimum. Be aware that not everyone has the same comfort level when it comes to vulgarity. General rule of thumb, if a 13-year-old would get in trouble if their parents read it over their shoulder, you should probably pick a different word.
  4. Be aware of the differences between in character and out of character. Just because someone's character hates yours doesn't mean they hate you. If you find yourself getting upset about something happening in character, take a break for a bit and then try to resolve the issue privately. Remember, it's just a game.
  5. Do not spam topics or the chat box. I feel as this is self-explanatory, but still, no one wants to come online and find that you've posted 50 different topics, replied to everyone else's topics, and backed up the chat box.
  6. No advertising in the chat box. There is a special forum just for this purpose in the Out of Character category. That is the ONLY place where site links are allowed.


  1. Keep content PG-13. We want everyone to be comfortable and keep the site open to a wide age range. The only way to accomplish this is to filter out mature content. If you are 18+ and absolutely have to role play something mature, such as sexual content or extreme violence/gore, please move it into private messaging. Otherwise, fade to black or tone down your descriptions.
  2. Do not god-mod. Everyone has the flaws and weaknesses. Everyone is going to make mistakes. Your character is not all powerful. Under no circumstances should you control what other characters are doing.
  3. You are allowed as many characters as you can handle. To help keep the site active, we encourage you to take on as many characters you like. Be sure that you keep these characters as active as possible. Make a separate account for each character, but post on the application who your main is so we are aware of who is playing who.
  4. Posts may only be edited for spelling/grammar purposes. If your character went off on a monologue but then forgot to throw the punch at the end, too bad. Wait until you receive a reply. This rule does not apply to starter posts that have not been replied to.
  5. Try to match what your partner gives you. We do not have a post limit and we welcome role players of various levels. You are not expected to turn out 4 or 5 paragraph posts every time you reply, but as a courtesy try to give your partner the same length they gave you. We all understand that sometimes the muse gets away from you, but the effort is appreciated.
  6. Don't take over a topic. Not everyone has the same availability to post. If you are in a thread with more than one other person, try not to leave someone in the dust. No one wants to play catch up for 7 pages just because they were at school all day. If needed, set up a turn system for your threads.

Those caught or reported breaking the rules will have different results based on severity, which rule was broken, and if you are a frequent offender. Consequences inculde but are not limited to: an automatic forfeit of the fight your character is in, loss of chat privileges, temporary ban, or a permanent ban of your IP address. We encourage members to attempt settle disputes privately and civilly before getting staff involved. When staff becomes involved, we will keep a record of the activity in the admin forum along with any previous rule infractions.

If the rules are updated or changed, the main post of this topic will be edited. Then an administator will post a reply stating the date and time of the change as well as where the change is (for example: "edited rule 2 of general rules" or "added a new role play rule"). Just because a rule does not exist yet does not mean you will not be punished for doing something that causes a new rule to be written.
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