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Character Template

Post by Keiara Amagear on Wed Aug 05, 2015 2:27 pm

Copy this template onto a new topic. Staff will review your character and either accept you or inform you of changes that need to be made. If you have to leave before you're finished simply put "(incomplete)" in the subject line and staff will wait until you are ready for review.

Name: [full name and any nicknames]
Age: [self explanatory, please make sure age fits occupation and rank. no 16-year-old generals for example]
Gender: [again self explanatory]
Orientation: [romantic/sexual]
Appearance: [even if you provide a picture, please just provide a brief general description]
City-State: [where they live]
Occupation: [what they do for a living/their standing in their job]
Equipment: [what you can expect them to have on them if they enter a thread. if they don't frequently carry it don't list it]
Skills/Training: [education, job skills, things they're good at]
Personality: [how we can expect them to act. flesh 'em out and find their flaws.]
Back Story: [a brief history of the character. we ask at least one paragraph]
Anything Else?: [anything you think might be deemed necessary to know that isn't covered by the template]
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