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Keiara "Ama" Amagear

Post by Keiara Amagear on Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:04 pm

Name: Keiara Amagear, Ama for short
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Orientation: Aromantic Bisexual
Appearance: Average height and athletic build. Attractive but not distinctive face. Long dark hair and grey eyes. Fair skin
City-State: Strolis
Occupation: 1st Lt. Military Intelligence and Investigation Branch
Equipment: Service Blaster Pistol and a knife.
Skills/Training: Highly perceptive, master manipulator, fighting, marksmanship.

Personality: Blunt to a fault. Shuts other people out. She has a problem with authority. A bit of a snarky streak, but still fairly serious when the situation calls for it. Perceptive and cunning. Can be hostile when upset. Very flirty when she chooses to be. A realist through and through. Has a "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude. Ambitious, but loyal to those who have earned it. Good to have in your corner in a crisis. Action-oriented.

Back Story: Born and bred city girl, Keiara was the only child of Harper and Naomi Amagear. Harper served in the military and was killed in action when Keiara was very young. Previously a stay-at-home mom, Naomi was now forced to balance raising Keiara and maintaining a job (luckily they did receive benefits from the military, but it only lightened the financial load rather than taking care of it completely). Keiara grew up rather lonely as her mother was almost always working. Even when Naomi did find time for Keiara she was distant from her mother.

Upon turning 18, Keiara left home for the military academy. Her personality almost got her kicked out very early on. She had trouble immediately trusting and respecting her authority figures as she was expected to. What saved her was her aptitude test scores. From early on Keiara was flagged for the Intelligence and Investigation Branch (IIB).

In her time at the academy she grew more crafty and cunning, learning how to break rules she didn't like and get away with it. It is also in this time she met Codell Scrivener and Jake Arin. She would form a close connection to both men, even believing she had romantic feelings for Jake before realizing she was aromantic. The two gave her the nickname Ama which is used more so than her first name. Upon graduation, Ama and Jake were assigned as partners in the IIB (Cody being pulled to train snipers at the academy).

As life went on, Ama fell into alcoholism (she was unaware of a genetic predisposition to it when she first started drinking). She still has a close bond with both Jake and Cody, but other relationships are next to impossible for her to maintain. For example, she only speaks to her mother once every few months and it is usually her mother who has to call. She currently holds the rank of First Lieutenant, but her superiors often say she would be promoted much faster if she had more respect for authority.

Anything Else?: If you want to read more about this mess of a human being you can check out her charahub page:
Keiara Amagear

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